Microsoft Surface sales well below shipments, says iSuppli

As Microsoft continues to overhaul its approach to, well, everything, the Internet Explorer team offers a mea culpa and a carrot to Web developers with modern.IE.

modern.IE is a new tool from Microsoft for Web developers to make sure that their sites are built for the modern Web.

In case you weren’t sure, Microsoft wants you to really, really understand that Internet Explorer 10 isn’t just any old update to the much-maligned browser. The latest example: « modern.IE, » a set of tools to help Web developers, the company announced today.

« It’s still too hard to test sites across the different OSes and browsers, » said Ryan Gavin, Internet Explorer’s general manager, in a phone interview with CNET yesterday. « On our part, we can encourage best practices. We know we can do better here, so we’re providing the tools and support so that developers spend more of their time innovating and less of their time testing. »


Brussels translation

Brussels translation

Brussels Traduction: You’d like a revision of some important unilingual documents ?


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